Sargents Drilling Utilities

Sargent's Drilling Utilities is a Freeware program that performs most of the well-related calculations that the 'Man on the Rig' needs in his day-to-day work. At the present time, the program uses OILFIELD UNITS only.

Drilling Rig Investment Calculator  v.2.0

Take advantage of our FREE Drilling Rig Investment Calculator to analyze and evaluate investment opportunities.


Drilling Calculator  v.1.1

Calculate drilling parameters with this tool. Drilling Calculator help you calculate all your drilling parameters with least effort and maximum accuracy. Drilling Calculator has inbuilt tables and charts which are required for solving drilling

Directional Drilling  v.2.0

The Directional Drilling Survey provides the control of the directional drilling of oil wells with calculations and plotting of well planning and survey data to help technicians, drillers, toolpushers and engineers of petroleum industry.

Drilling Cost  v.1.0

The Drilling Cost provides to the drillers, toolpushers, drilling engineers, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling operation to calculate the drilling cost per length unit drilled, analize

Drilling Hydraulics  v.1.7

The Drilling Hydraulics provides the driller, tool pushers, drilling engineers, chemists, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling of oil wells for hydraulics calculations, optimization of the

Deluxe Seating & Drilling  v.7.2.3

Deluxe Seating creates beautiful seating charts that are customized to your classrooms.

MetaTreeX Control

MetaTreeX displays hierarchical information as a graphs tree on an elliptical parabolic surface, which allows the user to view all the selected information at once rather than drilling down through folders. The user can modify the display by expanding and

Cordless power drill

http://www.toppowerdrills.info - A cordless drill is a portable machine for hand-held drilling tasks. It comes in various sizes and types, each with varying features

713 secrets of industrial technologies (directory)

1. Metals. 1. Steel training. 2. A way gland. 3. Iron drilling. 4. for forge forges. 5. pig-iron lattices. 6. Cold soldering. 7. A simple way . 8. The message to tin solder of copper colour. 9. Iron polishing. 10. Definitive furnish of metalwork products.

RadarCube OLAP Grid Windows Forms Desktop  v.2.60.1

NET Windows Forms controls (OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart) to add OLAP functionality to your applications. Works directly with a relational database to build a multidimensional cube from. All source code is written on C# 2.0. Design time cube editor.

RadarCube WPF OLAP Grid and Chart  v.1.30.0

A set of WPF controls (OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart) to add OLAP and Visual Analysis functionality to your WPF applications. OLAP Grid displays data in an interactive pivot table and OLAP Chart shows the same data in charts and graphs.

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